Continuous Pipe Fencing

Whether you're needing a fence to corral your livestock, building a working facility, or just putting up a decorative fence, we've got everything you need.




2 Sizes of Continuous Pipe Fencing

1 1/2" or 2" Outside Diameter


 - 1 1/2" OD: 12 gauge; approximate weight = 173 lbs. per panel


 - 2" OD: 10-5 gauge; approximate weight = 270 lbs. per panel


 - All fencing is 5 rail, 4 ft. tall X 20 ft. long panels


 - Bundle Quantity discounts offered







Panels hook together at the ends and in no time, you have a fence!

Continuous Fence mounted to Un-Peeled Cedar Posts


Can be mounted to wood or steel posts



Clips to mount to posts are available and make the job that much faster - already predrilled for mounting to wood posts.


We sell un-peeled cedar posts - 8 ft. or 10 ft. long, consistent 6-8 in. diameter with little to no taper!

Continuous Fence mounted to Steel Pipe Posts